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Friday, February 21, 2014

Grab a minute

Moms need time outs too. It took me longer than I would like to admit to make myself step back and say it is ok for me to take a time out, but now I take them. I consider my time outs – as short or long as they may be – a survival mechanism.  

Instead of overthinking this idea – just grab a minute! Your minute may be watching a 30 minute show on Netflix, taking a bubble bath, or just sitting quietly and breathing. A 10 minute yoga session may become your regular choice. All in all, it really does not matter what your time outs are as long as you give them to yourself. In my experience, it makes a tremendous difference in mood, ability to manage health, parenting, and life in general.

Being a mother pulls healthy moms in several directions at once and being a chronically ill mother adds another layer to the – at times – chaos. Grabbing a minute here and there allows you to ground yourself and get a grip on what really matters and what you can let go. This also helps with balance, a topic from a previous post.

Don’t be afraid! Baby gates, play yards, and other safety devices were invented to keep your child safe. For example, Will is 3 years old and he is perfectly happy playing in his room by himself for 30 minutes. Is this neglect? Heck no! His room is child-proofed for his safety, and I have never left him without an audio monitor, so I hear what he is doing the entire time, but I still get a time out. We also have a security camera in his room that I can use to peek in on him.

Plus, it’s healthy for children to be able to play by themselves for short periods of time. I taught school before I got sick and am about the constant need that children seem to have for entertainment. Honestly, I am proud when I sneak a peek and see Will “reading” his books and working with puzzles happy as a lark.

Take a time out, grab a minute, and remember yourself! It is good for you and your child/children.

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