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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stick to basic rules – zippers, Velcro, and elastic

Dressing William has always been easier than dressing myself – especially because I can swell so much throughout the day that dressing myself has become an art form out of necessity. Dressing Will has always been fun! Also, I emphasize fun because I was once told that you could “never” dress your kid to look cute and put together unless you ironed all of their clothes. To this I say – completely ridiculous! Honestly, I don’t iron unless the world is on fire. My husband irons his own shirts if he wants them ironed and Will and I wear wash and wear clothes. Buying wrinkle free and quality fabrics helps and I keep that in mind while shopping. If it looks like a “you have to iron it to wear it” item, I will pass.  During cold and cooler times of the year I opt for layered looks. Will wears colored jeans, corduroys, or sweats, a long sleeve shirt, and a sweatshirt, sweater or sweater vest. Oh boy do I love sweater vests! Cute, low to no maintenance outfits are really easy to find if you stick to basic rules – zippers, Velcro, and elastic.

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