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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Height Ruler

I have lots of friends who have used doors or door frames in their homes to mark their kid’s height as they grow. I was really uncertain about this and did not want to be that crazy lady who moved a door with her to save memories so I decided on this project and have since made some for gifts.

A height ruler:

What you need:
1. A nice 5 foot board
2. A stain you like
3. A pencil
4. A tape measure
5. A wood burning tool – I got mine on Amazon for $14

1. Use the measuring tape and pencil to mark inches and feet from end to end of the board.
2. Use the pencil to write numbers and/or names you want to burn.
3. Use the wood burning tool to trace your pencil work.
4. Stain the board – I usually do 2 coats depending on my design.

Design Tip: Get creative – you can make customized gifts for really cheap. For example, I did a Growing Grandchildren's ruler for my parents so they can chart all of their grandchildren as they grow. Also, we use ours to mark special events like learning to walk and first soccer game.

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