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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Join the conversation, please.

My mission is to find every possible tip and trick to make chronic illness and motherhood as joyful as healthy mothers who do not have to juggle medical issues as well as motherhood and careers or simply motherhood, a full time job in itself.
I have continually written about myself but know there are other moms and dads out there that have questions and concerns about specific problems or issues. I would love the opportunity to research these specific problems or issues and help connect you to the answers you need. Solutions are out there and if I don't have an answer myself, I will do the research and bring you some solutions.

Also, I know there are both moms and dads out there that have amazing tips and tricks to making parenting with chronic illness a bit easier so we can focus on the joy of parenting and I want to hear about these too.

I am asking you to join in the conversation and communicate with me however you feel most comfortable. Options for contacting or following me:

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Contact form:
Instagram: @ekrgraves
Twitter: @emilykrgraves

I look forward to connecting as I feel there is strength and support in numbers!


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