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Friday, October 24, 2014

I have found a way to win the war!

A while back I posted a do-it-yourself display for your child’s art from school. While it was simple and easy to use, Will kept pulling everything down and sometimes my magnets would just fall. So after losing many battles, I have found a way to win the war! And, Will loves this new and improved version of his Art Wall. The major players here are:

  • 1 curtain rod – the length of the hall (I got mine from Target)
  • 2 bags of the small curtain clips (also from Target)
  • Repurposed frames
  • 1 mirror

I chose to hang the mirror first at the right height so that it was for Will and he could see himself. He loves this! Also, his image is framed by his art and that is something that I love. Then I hung the curtain Rod with the curtain clips high enough that Will could not reach them but see them. Finally, I keep adding special pieces in frames around the mirror. I never thought framing his work would be so important but he studies these pieces daily. Of course, Will loves to draw and practices routinely and I want to encourage that but this is also a marvelous way to quickly display his latest art pieces from school.

It is impossible to keep everything so I snap pictures of his work periodically before changing out what is up. That way, each piece has wall time and then is saved in a picture. Everyone will find a system that works for them. I am just so excited that I found one that is functional and fun I wanted to share. Of course, I am always interested in what other moms and dads do with their children’s art so if you have ideas, please share!

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