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Monday, January 19, 2015

Enjoying 2015

My grandmother talked to me about the notion of avoiding New Year’s resolutions that will be inevitably broken and, instead, focusing on Dreams for 2015. I absolutely love this idea! With that, my dream for 2015 is to learn how to enjoy the small victories and moments with the people I hold dear. Our son, Will, is at the top of that list. Today we had marvelous weather and despite the fact that for the last three weeks I have been unable to manage my pain with prescriptions, heat, stretching, or any other remedy that I have tried on top of my regular meditation, I was determined to find a way to enjoy the day. I asked Rob to have some father/son quality time with Will for an hour and went for a deep tissue - not so relaxing but effective - massage. I can’t say that I was suddenly pain free, but I could move and that is something worth celebrating! So, to celebrate the suddenly fabulous weather (sunny, no wind, and 70 degrees after several weeks of sub-freezing temps) and my ability to move, I invited Will to go to the backyard and do some yoga with me. I played with him and took advantage of being able to move while doing something healthy. That’s better than a win-win; it’s a win-win-win! Here are some pictures of our fun.

What are your dreams for 2015? How will you celebrate your victories and special moments?

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