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Monday, February 9, 2015

Playing with Chalk Paint

I have been hearing great things about chalk paint - easy to use, durable, and great looking. So, I decided to experiment. Will loves to cook with me and needed a stool that was sturdy and safe. He has come a log way from our little 1 pound 15 ounce baby but is relatively short in the 8 percentile of his age group. I found this red stool at the local Habitat for Humanity Builder's Bargains store for $5 and after jumping and wiggling around on it for a few minutes decided it was up for the job but needed makeover. First, I painted the stool with the chalk paint (different from chalkboard paint) and then did a very light second coat that could be considered more of a touch-up job. I am no expert painter. After it dried I rubbed wood paste wax into the entire thing with fine steel wool. This last step is what makes it so strong. The entire project cost me under $20 and I have both paint and wax for another project left over. Now for some hints:

  1. I bought my chalk paint at a craft store because I wanted to do my project that day - in about a month Lowes will start carrying the Valspar line of this paint in many more colors and it is a fraction of the price. You can check it out on their website. 
  2. This I did know (thank you mom) and it saved me lots of money. The wood paste wax that is sold at craft stores is up to $30. Instead of purchasing that I bought Johnson paste wax and it did a great job at under $7 for 16 oz. This product can be found at almost any store from Target to Lowes, Home Depot, etc.. I bet I used 3-4 tablespoons worth for this project so my jar will go a long way. 
Small projects like this make me feel very accomplished and I consider them victories in my battle with RA. Also, I love saving money as I am positive many of you are aware of the cost of prescriptions and other medical necessities. Here is my final product - I hope you like it. Will "loves it".

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