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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Will's new "office"

During this cold season I am so thankful that we rearranged our house so that Will has his own "office". In his office we have strategically set up stations or centers for him to play in. Some of his options include a reading nook inside his tee-pee, a train table, a writing station, a chalkboard area, and a science station. Also, we do let him watch select shows on Netflix - talk about great bang for your buck! Choosing what your child sees and avoiding commercials is hard to beat! While these are all fun and good for Will's development, they are also a survival strategy for me at times when I am really struggling to entertain our only child in the afternoons when we can't get outside. I can't always play chase but instead of only watching TV or feeling "bored", he can go “work” at his stations. This is a life saver at times for me - particularly when I am not as well as can be. Although I struggle with the constant need to deny the fact that I do have limitations, the reality is that I do and planning ahead for times when I need extra help or simply the support of ready made activities makes a tremendous difference in our lives. This picture is of a robot we build this week - simple fun with the little guy!

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