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Friday, May 29, 2015

A Normal Day

Today was the most "normal" feeling day I have had in such a long time. So long that I can't remember. I am always working on improving my endurance, eating for health, taking my medicine while fighting to stay off prednisone, etc. and today it seemed that everything was working. Will's friend came over at 8:30 and we played until 2:00  - outside, inside baking, painting, just playing. Then, Will and I hung out until Rob came home and I grilled shrimp. Not once today did I have to not do something because some piece of me hurt or was swollen or too tired. Yay!

On a funny note - in the background today:

Ahhh - our air conditioner died - I mean REALLY. So we had a repair man here installing a new motor and other small parts to find out that our compressor needed replaced - totally dead and that has to be ordered. I am told to hope for Monday. Of course, we are planning on being out of town Monday but since we live in a small town and a crew has to come in from out of town, I am told to just figure it out.

Fine - done...thank you ADT for the ability to arm/disarm and unlock/lock our house with an iPad.

Next came the rain....oh the rain. Now I love rain but when I don't know if I am standing on the porch next to my back door or a river my relationship with rain starts to get a little shaky. Also, this is so exciting now Will does not want to get ready for bed.

Then the repair man calls - Does tomorrow work? As if he has no clue about the weather situation but I don't mention it because I want that darn compressor replaced so I have air conditioning and this is a far better option than waiting until Monday - huge hassle we are not going to be here Monday. I always expect the best outcome and am expecting there to be no problems tomorrow.

Now it is still raining but the water has become peaceful and our lake is slowly receding away from the house - we are back on good terms. All is well, and I feel great!

Yes, we are expected to get more rain for the next two days but if the pattern holds, it won't start raining until 4 or 5 so here I am, very hopeful and expectant that I will have air conditioning tomorrow and my relationship with rain will remain strong as ever - I do love the summer rain!


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